SONY MDR-XB510AS G(Deep bass Model) (Green)【Japan Domestic Model】
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Price: $59.90
(as of Jun 28,2020 17:13:46 UTC – Details)

Product features ★ You can enjoy music altogether even in the sports scene. Attention heavy bass and waterproof performance ◆ EXTRA BASS (TM) sound ● Directly convey the groove feeling of heavy bass, reproduce the bass of overwhelming volume sense with accurate rhythm. By catching the bass feeling of the bass, it further enhances the performance of sports and training. ◆ Water resistance that can be washed with water ( ※ ● 1) ● Since you can wash away sweat and dust cleanly, you can always use it in a clean state. (※ ● 1) Please do not soak in water for a long time. Please do not use it in the bath, sauna, pool etc. Please do not hit the seawater. Please wash vigorously with water, do not use sponge, detergent, etc. Please rinse by hand washing ◆ Overwhelming mounting stability ● Three arc supporters and ergonomic body shapes realize high wearing ability to snuggle up to every sports scene. Moreover, by adopting the hybrid earpiece long which is 30% wider contact area with the ear than the ordinary earpiece, you can enjoy music safely in the sports scene. ◆ Enables hands-free calling and music operation with remote control with smartphone ● Built-in multifunction button and microphone on remote control. Handsfree calling is possible with smartphone. In addition, it can also play music / pause, so it is convenient to listen to music on a smartphone ( ※ ● 2). (※ ● 2) Behavior may vary depending on smartphone model

● Reproduction frequency band: 4 Hz – 24,000 Hz / ● Impedance: 16 Ω (at 1 kHz) / ● Sensitivity: 111 dB / mW / ● Maximum input: 100 mW
● Cord length: about 1.2 m Ritz wire / ● Code type: Y type / ● Input plug: Gold plated L type 4 pole mini plug / ● Weight: about 9 g (code not included)
◆ Microphone section: ● Type: Electret condenser / ● Directivity characteristic: omnidirectional / ● Effective frequency band: 20 – 20,000 Hz
◆ accessories: ● Hybrid Earpiece Long SS, S, M, L (each 2) / ● Arc supporter S, M, L (each 2) / ● Carrying Pouch / ● clip/ ● Cord length adjuster ● Japanese instruction manual


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