Smart Key-Finder Wireless Tracker for Phone Wallet Vehicle Luggage Kids-GPS-Tracker (1 Pack, Green)
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Product Description

Key FinderKey Finder

Do you always forget where you last placed you item ? Are you tired of spending minutes or even hours searching ?

With the new TSIGETH CHIC Smart Finder, worry no more.

With just a single click, you can now easily locate your misplaced items .

Never Lose Your Items Again


Spec Details

Item Dimension: 1.5×1.5×0.1 inch

Color: Black, White, Green

Battery Type: CR2032

Battery: Replaceable

Standby Time: 12 months

Range: Outdoor-164 foot, indoor-115 foot


3-Color Thin Frame Design

Our design is less bulky so that it will fit anywhere you place to use it. It comes with three different colors-black, green and white. We also include a string you can tie.


A one-button click that functions as a “Power on”, “Selfie” and “Finder” button .

detail 1

detail 1

detail 2

detail 2

detail 3

detail 3

detail 4

detail 4

1. Install Inumen App

Search “Inumen” in App store or scan QR code to install .

2. Register

Click “Devices” to register.

3. Register a Device

Press the camera button on the device until you hear two beeps. Then click the top right corner icon to register.

4. Connect

Click to connect.

key finder 1key finder 1

“Anti-Lost & Tracking”

Never lost your items again. with these smart finders, whenever you are out of range, it will create an audible alert. This is a fantastic tool to use so you don’t forget your items ever again.

key finder 2key finder 2

“Phone Finder”

It also works the other way around. Use your smart finder to find your phone. With just the press of the camera button 3 times in succession you’ll hear your phone alert.

key finder 3key finder 3

“Remote Camera Shutter”

Use “Selfie” option to take your photo away with just a click from your smart finder .

key finder 4key finder 4

“Search Function”

With this smart finder, you don’t have to worry about spending too much time searching for your items. With this device, all you need is a single touch on your phone and your smart finder will beep.

GPS tracker for kids and multi-use. It can be a wallet finder, key tracker, remote finder, and phone finder. Using bluetooth connetion it lets you sound an alarm whenever your phone and the tracker are separated. Also great for kids, luggage, pets, and more.
This bluetooth key finder is an anti-lost device and low energy consumption. It can also provide a last seen pin-drop on map via APP to help you recover your items and search your cars in parking site.
Our key locator can also remote control the device camera or voice recording of your phone by press a button. It can take awesome wide angle selfies from your front or rear facing cameras. Works as a remote shutter for self-portrait, capture the happiest moment easily. The range of the key finder is 115 feet indoor, 165 feet outdoor.
TSIGETH CHIC tracker device make life convenient, no need to worry and spend long time looking for lost phone, car, pets and more. By pressing the button on the Gadget it will send the Phone a Ringing Noise until you locate your phone.


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