Hidden Camera Clock, WiFi Spy Security Camera Indoor, 1080P Nanny Cameras and Hidden Cameras with Night Vision and Motion Detective, Perfect 150 Angle Camera Clock for Home and Office
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Product Description

hidden camera clockhidden camera clock

This WiFi spy camera clock — New App LOOK CAM ensures remote connection is easy to set up, upgraded motion detection effects bring sharper video pixels is perfect

hidden camera that monitor your home and office and anything important, focus on what you care about when you’re not around, get all the evidence and rest assured.

Product Features

1. 2.4GHz WiFi + HD 1080P + Night Vision + Motion Detection + 150° Wide Angle.

2. Supports up to 128GB SD Card (Not included) + Loop Recording.

3. Support Recording while Charging + 4 Hours Battery Life + 5 Hours Fully Charge.

4. Support Android / iOS smartphone + Multi-user.

Please tell us directly and we will reply and help you in 24 hours if following happened

1. Parts in the internal packaging are missing or damaged.

2. You do not know how to use camera correctly after read instruction and product page.

3. You cannot make the camera work.

4. Camera stopped working after a few days and still failed after reset camera.

Package included:

1 x hidden camera, 1 x Plug, 1 x USB cable, 1 x instruction manual, 1 x battery, 1 x pin, 1 x opener, 1 x card reader


spy camera clockspy camera clock

home security camerahome security camera


Original password?

123456 (If you need to change your password, it will be used)

How to update the time (Can be set to 12-hour or 24-hour format)?

The time can be set by the button on the upper part of the clock:

1. Press the “SET” button to set the clock to 12-hour or 24-hour format. For example, when you press the “SET” button, it displays “24H”.

When the clock jumps to the time display interface, it means that the setting is successful. 24-hour clock.

2. Time setting: Press the “PLUS” button. When the number jumps, it means entering the time setting state. Then press the “SET” button to set the time.

How do I set the motion detector and watch the motion detection video?

1. hidden camera clock needs to be set to remote mode;

2. The APP interface needs to be set correctly:

Open Settings >> Device Setting >> Alarm config >> Motion Detection Sensitivity >> Select (Low / Medium / High three modes) >> Alarm Schedule (Select time period, The default time is 00: 00- -12: 59, you can set it according to your needs) >> open Push Notifications >> open On-Screen Display (Push alert message to phone);

3. An SD card needs to be inserted. If it is normal recording, you can select the recording button to save the recorded video in the local mobile phone. The file saved in normal recording starts with the initial “V”; if it is a Motion Detection recording, you need to insert SD Card to be able to save Motion Detection videos. The files saved in Motion Detection videos start with the first letter “M”.

Tips: If no SD card is inserted, your mobile phone can only receive push notifications for receiving motion detection alerts. If you want to watch motion detection videos, you need to insert the SD card.

I only want to record to SD card without using WiFi. What should I do?

1. Please open the connected application and follow these steps:

Click “Settings” (icon) >> Device Setting >> SD Card Setting >> Format sdcard (required for SD card to insert the clock for the first time) >> Check whether Total Space and Free Space have memory display >> If there is memory The display indicates that the SD card can record normally.

2. Tips: You can personalize the settings according to the SD Card Setting interface:

Auto Record represents all day time recording;

Alarm Record means that when a moving object appears in front of the camera, it will be recorded, and the rest of the time will not be recorded.

Notes on night vision effects:

1. We apply a special color to the lens to make it more hidden, but it will sacrifice the night vision effect (Sorry this is true, but I have to be honest with you, and we after our actual comparison that our video clarity during the day and night vision at night are better than most peers);

2. Tear off the lens film to get a clearer video effect;

3. If you don’t mind the concealment, you can remove the lens to view, the night vision effect will be very clear.

What should I do if I can’t connect to WiFi?

1. Check if the clock is powered?

2. Check if the router is working properly?

3. The WiFi signal is weak?

4. WiFi setting error and wrong password?

5. Check if it is 2.4G WiFi?

6. Check Smart devices, such as Android smartphone or tablet (below Android 4.0 version) or iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (below iOS 6.1)

7. Check whether the battery is only used for power supply-when the battery is almost dead (the time display light is dimmed) or only battery powered. When the battery is empty, plug in the power cord within two minutes after power is supplied-

Solution: 1. Remove the battery, Then plug in the power cord to power, and then connect to WiFi;

2. Without removing the battery, plug in the power cord for 2 minutes, and then connect to WiFi.

8. If you are in a hotel or public place, you need to fill in the mobile phone number when connecting to the WiFi of the hotel or public place, because the network firewall is relatively tight. May not be connected to WiFi.

9. If none of the above is a problem, open the back cover of the clock to reset the camera and reconnect——

1). Use our pin to press and hold the “RST” button for about five seconds, until the indicator light goes out, release your hand.

Waiting >> Red light is on >> Blue light is on >> When the blue light is on and the red light is flashing slowly, it means the device is waiting for a connection.

2). At this time, open the mobile WiFi setting interface, select the hotspot emitted by the device (the name of the hotspot is the UID code affixed to the bottom of the clock).

3). After the connection is successful, open the “look cam” APP and in the upper right corner of the “My Device” interface Click the “+” button, then click “Setup device WiFi connection” >> “WiFi Setting” >> Enter the name of the remote WiFi you want to configure, and then enter the password. Wait for 3-5 minutes to connect successfully remote mode.

Special design hidden camera in the clock with 150° wide angle lens for home security: This full HD 1080P WiFi camera clock is concealed in what looks like a normal clock. No one will ever suspect that this clock has a recording camera. Perfect for pet / baby monitoring, nanny cam, business monitoring, security, vacation home monitoring.
WiFi streaming via ios / android upgraded app spy camera: Download free App from “Google Play” or “App Store” and connect this Wi-Fi camera wireless hidden camera clock with wifi network, remotely viewing the live video/record video and pictures anywhere anytime. You can see exactly what happened when you were not in your home, office, business, or any need a secret safe place.
Motion detection information push: Set up motion detection push notifications. When slight motion is detected within 30 feet, alert notifications will be sent to your phone immediately, and then you can watch the video remotely in real time to see what happened or check in the SD card Playback. Note: About motion detection: ① An SD card needs to be inserted; ② camera clock needs to be set to remote mode.
1080P HD video recorder with night vision function: The video resolution of the clock camera is 1920 x 1080P, you can see exactly what is happening in the video. The hidden camera has a night vision function that can be seen and recorded in the dark. IR night vision is better when charging. These special infrared lights are almost invisible to the naked eye.
Loop recording surveillance security camera: Insert a SD card (not included) into its slot, turn on the power, and the camera will start recording automatically. When the storage space is full, the camera will overwrite the oldest file to the latest file. Note: Products like spy cameras have complicated procedures. If you are unable to operate the product after receiving it, please tell us via email. We will get back to you within 24 hours and help you solve problems with photos or videos.


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