Canless Air X3 Hurricane Canless Air System Computer Duster (CA303-1511)
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Price: $149.85
(as of May 31,2020 16:54:56 UTC – Details)

Product Description


Since 2011 Canless Air System has provided the #1 canned air replacement. Our line of Hurricane dusters are a simple, innovative idea that has become an affordable revolution against traditional canned air. Our products are an inexpensive, permanent and green alternative to canned air dusters. Plus all of our units provide more continuous power than our canned competitors. With just one nontoxic, rechargeable Canless Air System and you will never need to buy another can of air again.


The X3 Hurricane

The X3 Hurricane is a revolutionary, rechargeable air blaster. It is a safe, green alternative to dangerous compressed air “dusters” like you would use to clean your keyboard but it is also perfect for home cleaning. With the ability to blast air at over 260 miles per hour it has more continuous power than canned air and is 100% portable.


This unit does it all!

The X3 Hurricane can be used for cleaning computers, keyboards, printers, paper shredders, medical devices, high end cameras, smoke alarms, slot machines, high-end servers and any other electronic device you can think of.

It is also the perfect device for household cleaning! Clean off car dashboards, window blinds, work benches, small patios or fill up an air mattress. It can even be used to fill pool rafts and blow off your patio. There is nothing this cannot do!


Charger and 5 Attachments Included

The X3 Hurricane Variable blasts for over 15 minutes on a single charge and then re-charges like a cell phone using the included charger. We also include 5 attachments which are perfect for users who need to get into very hard to reach places or have other specialized cleaning needs. It comes with 2 regular straws, an extra long flexible straw that can bend around corners, a 45 degree nozzle to focus the air and a brush attachment that can be used when cleaning items that require more than just air. It has everything you need!

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We want everyone to try the X3 Hurricane, we know you will love it!

Variable speed trigger gives you full control over the power and sound!
With speeds of over 260mph it is our most powerful unit!
Comes with all available attachments!
Cordless and easy to use, there is nothing this cannot clean!

THE BEST WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY! Canless Air System will now warranty your unit for life. This means if anything ever goes wrong simply contact Canless Air System customer service and your unit will be replaced at no cost to you. Try this amazing cleaning product with ZERO RISK!
This unit comes with every attachment we make, you get everything you need.
The X3 is the most POWERFUL Canless Air System ever! With speeds of over 260mph nothing else even comes close to its power.
30 day money back guarantee if you don’t love it!
This unit is cordless, doesn’t contain any liquids, recharges just like a cell phone and is totally safe to use on anything and everything.


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