Bad Elf GPS Pro+
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Price: $182.95
(as of May 30,2020 13:31:50 UTC – Details)

The Bad Elf GPS Pro+ adds GLONASS reception, a barometric altimeter, advanced USB features, and double the data logging storage capacity already popular in the Bad Elf GPS Pro. Run all day with the 24 hour battery, stream your NMEA GPS data over USB to any computer, record up to 200 hours of data logs, and access those data logs via USB cable just like a thumb drive.

1. User manual:
2.    Troubleshooting steps are available at website here:
3. Complete support page , but the best option is to email  at [email protected]

Adds barometric altitude for pilots and raw barometer readings for boaters with the built-in digital barometric sensor.
Advanced USB connectivity allows streaming of NMEA data directly to a PC or Mac. Adds easy access to recorded data logs (up to 200 hours worth of storage) just like a thumb drive
24 hour battery frees your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch form carrying the power burden of determining your position.
High performance Bluetooth GPS+GLONASS Receiver accurate to 2.5m enhances utility of your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch without an internet connection or monthly subscription.


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