AngelSense GPS Tracker for Kids w/Autism, Special Needs & Elderly w/Dementia | 4G/LTE Nationwide Coverage | 2-Way Speakerphone, Auto-Answer | SOS Call Button | School Bus Tracking | Easy-to-Use App
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Product Description


AngelSense is the only GPS tracker device made for autism and special needs. Designed with the most advanced location tracking technology to provide accurate personal tracking. If your child or loved one is prone to wandering, you know that every second counts – AngelSense is the only GPS that ensures the maximum amount of protection during real-life emergencies.

AngelSense is designed to protect our most vulnerable loved ones and is a comprehensive safety device. Other GPS devices are made for simple tracking of kids, pets, cars, etc.

Get life-saving alerts that not only let you know when your loved one elopes, but also proactively prevent emergencies. Only with AngelSense do you get alerts for unexpected & unknown places, when your child is left behind at school, gets off the bus but doesn’t go into the school, gets off at the wrong bus stop, or ends up somewhere they aren’t supposed to be. You can also check on them using the 2-way assistive speakerphone to comfort them, give them directions, or listen in.

What makes AngelSense different from other trackers

Specifically Made for Autism and Special Needs – Non-removable, sensory-friendly, assistive features, and overall extra protection. Continuous Location Monitoring ALL DAY – Others go into power save mode delaying alerts and compromising location accuracy. Safeguard GPS Location within a few feet – Know exactly where your child is all day. Assistive Speakerphone with Auto-Answer – Talk to your loved one or listen to their surroundings even if they can’t press a button to answer. SOS Call Request Button so they can easily send you a message to let you know to call them. Intelligent iAlerts that intuitively learn your loved ones routine and warn you of unexpected changes. Safe Ride Monitoring for every transit with live route map, alerts for unexpected stops and delays, ETA, and speed with unlimited history details. Multiple Map Views to see where you are in relation to them and get directions, terrain view or street view to more easily find your loved one. Unlimited History Timeline and Location Activity Playback inside safe places so you can monitor your loved one’s activities and quickly notice any variations. Advanced School Features for automatic customization of features and access for teachers and staff during school hours. Lifesaving Emergency Tools to find your loved one as quickly as possible and keep them safe and calm during an elopement. Battery Life of Up to 48 hours while constantly communicating and updating location throughout the day – Others stay in power save mode most of the day and compromise safety. Community of Special Needs Parents that provide customer care, loving support, tips, and advice.

AngelSense is the only clear choice if you are looking for the maximum amount of safety for a child, teen, or adult with autism or special needs. Our extensive safety features cannot be found with any other device and are perfect for protecting loved ones with Alzheimer’s and dementia as well.

When it comes to safety, choose AngelSense for extra peace of mind!

Safety Features

Unexpected Place Alert

Unexpected Place Alert

Wandering Alert

Wandering Alert

Timeline View

Timeline View

2 Way voice

2 Way voice

Unexpected Place Alerts

Get alerted immediately if your loved one is at a place that is unfamiliar or unexpected based on their normal routine.

Unique to AngelSense, other alerts include getting off at the wrong bus stop or didn’t get off the bus, unexpected delays, missed the bus or wasn’t picked up at school, got off the bus but didn’t make it into the school, and more!

Wandering Alerts

Get an alert every time your child enters or leaves a location. Only with AngelSense do you get wandering alerts for unknown places as well as an unlimited number of named safe places.

Other devices only provide alerts for a limited number of geofences that have to be manually set up.

AngelSense is also the only GPS that names places and determines an optimal boundary automatically. Places can later be renamed and boundaries can be customized.

Timeline View

See a complete history of your loved one’s daily locations. This includes details for each location (times, steps counted, map, etc) and each transit (times, max speed, route, etc).

Other devices only show location history and only for a limited number of days. With AngelSense you have unlimited access to your loved one’s history for each and every day.

AngelSense is the only GPS tracker that lets you playback activity inside safe places. For example, you can see movement between the classroom to the cafeteria to therapy and you can even see if they went outside for recess. This helps you to spot changes to their normal routine that may indicate an issue.

2-Way Assistive Speakerphone

Talk to your child at any time, without them needing to ‘pick up’ or click anything. Your child’s GPS device will auto pick up your call.

You can also use the voice feature to simply listen in if your loved one is non-verbal or you just want to check in to make sure they are ok. It also helps you understand what’s going on around them if they elope.

There is also an SOS Call Request button that they can press to let you know to call them. Its non-intrusive design and customized settings ensure you only get valid requests.

Product and Customer Care Support



Battery,WiFi coverage

Battery,WiFi coverage

Customer Support

Customer Support

Wearable GPS Device that is Non-Removable

Wearing AngelSense is easy with several versatile options. It is the only GPS tracking device for kids that is non-removable and made specifically for those with sensory sensitivities.

Includes a protective sleeve for the GPS device, non-removable accessories, and a special key for removal by the parent.

There is also a sensory-friendly belt and undershirt that can be purchased separately, as well as a waterproof sleeve.

4G LTE Nationwide Coverage & Extended Battery Life

No matter your cellular carrier, AngelSense works throughout the entire US. The range is unlimited, meaning you can use the app and all of the features from anywhere in the world to track or call the device in the US. Unlike other devices, you can even activate the device alarm from any distance.

The battery lasts up to 48 hours depending on usage. Other devices are in standby mode most of the day, which greatly lowers their effectiveness and safety level. AngelSense continually monitors the device with advanced algorithms that provide maximum protection all day long.

The monthly subscription includes 60 minutes of talk time a month with additional minutes available for purchase through the app.

Customer Care by Moms with Special Needs Kids | 30 Day Money-Back Policy

Our Customer Care Team is staffed with parents of children with special needs who are expert AngelSense users. They are here to support you with every aspect of setting up and using the AngelSense GPS tracker.

This includes help with wearing, use at school and adding AngelSense to your child’s IEP, funding and insurance information, codes, forms, & tips… and so much more.

When you call, we truly understand!


GPS Tracker for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

The enhanced safety features and advanced GPS tracking make AngelSense the perfect lifesaving device to keep your loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia safe. The elderly and dementia patients are prone to wander and get lost. This can be dangerous when they can’t remember where they live, who they are, or whom to call for help.

AngelSense instantly lets you know when they leave home or their care facility. If they aren’t where they’re supposed to be you’ll know and be able to find them ASAP. The voice features let you call them without them having to answer or carry a phone. You can also listen in to detect elderly abuse.

They can press the SOS button if they fall or are lost, letting you know to call them. While the transit features help you make sure they get to and from activities safely.

MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED – Activate upon arrival to get your first month FREE – Monthly Service Plan is 39.99 per month with a 1 year contract & includes SIM card, unlimited tracking, 60 voice minutes, and live customer care. Risk Free 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE | Guardian Kit Includes: GPS Device, Protective Sleeve, 3 Non-Removable Fasteners, 1 Parent Key, Unlimited Live Customer Care Assistance. ACCURATE & RELIABLE Continuous, All Day, REAL-TIME GPS Tracking.
SAFEST GPS TRACKER for autism, special needs & dementia -Only tracker with continuous all-day monitoring | Advanced Safeguard GPS for most accurate location – Know immediately if your loved one elopes & track them ASAP! ASSISTIVE SPEAKERPHONE: Talk to your child or listen in & make sure they’re ok – auto-answer for special needs, SOS call button to know when they need you. UNLIMITED Live Tracking, Customizable Geo-fence Safe Places, Guardians, Detailed Location History, Transit History,& More.
INTELLIGENT iALERTS – Only with AngelSense – Auto learns daily routine for alerts when potentially dangerous situations occur: Early Departure, Unexpected Places, Late Arrival, Late Departure. SAFE RIDE MONITORING: Exact Route, Max Speed, ETA, Unexpected Delays & Stops – Know if they miss the bus, don’t get off at the right stop, or the bus is delayed or broken down. Other GPS devices only provide alerts when leaving a preset geofence, we monitor your loved one anywhere and everywhere!
EMERGENCY SEARCH TOOLS to quickly activate a search and rescue team, send a temporary live map link to First Responders, 911 dispatch, police officers, babysitter, neighbors, etc, see where you are in relation to your loved one and get directions, ALARM to hear where they are if hiding or lost in a crowd. WELL-BEING features like Step Counter, Listen-In, Location Activity Playback, etc. SCHOOL DASHBOARD for customization during school hours and limited access for teachers and school staff.
EASY-TO-USE iOS, Android, or Windows App for mobile phones, tablets, laptop or desktop. Auto-detects and names places, fully customizable, add guardians and set permissions, turn on and off features, decide what alerts & notifications you want and how to get them (Push, Email & SMS). NON-REMOVABLE & SENSORY SENSITIVE Wearing – Waterproof, Belt, & Undershirt Optional Wearables. Live Customer Care from moms with children with autism who use AngelSense & a supportive community for special needs.


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